WSC 3.1

You want to leave a professional impression by the visitors of your website? You are looking for a elegant and simple Design wich don't distract from the content?

Then you can make the right decision with the design Elegance.

Already when you enter your website, your logo as an eyecatcher will immediately catch the visitor's attention. The highlight is that it is not a graphic. In the standard version of the design, the title and the description of your website are automatically used as a logo. So, you do not have to create an elaborate graphic logo, the loading time of your website will be reduced and you can change the text logo flexibly and quickly at any time. However, as soon as you upload your own logo in the design settings, it will be displayed instead of the text logo.

On mobile devices your website also has an attractive look through the design Elegance. The boxes and the menu where accentuated in the mobile view to give your visitors more structure and overview.

Optimized for mobile devices
The style automatically adapts to the different devices.
Template modifications
Away from the standard. With template modifications you get more individuality.

Published Versions

As a small business in accordance with § 19 UStG, no sales tax is included and not expelled. All prices are final prices.

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