Additional Meta Tags

Many services use metadata as a information source. They help for example browsers to understand your website and assist search engines.

This plugin for the WoltLab Community Framework 2 and the Woltlab Suite 3 add additional meta data in the header of your website.

The settings can be set in the administration System -> Options -> General-> Page.


A Favicon is a small symbol which is typically displayed to the left of the URL in the browser or next to the tab.

Beside the installation you need to add some files (icons, svg and png's) to your webserver to the path /wcf/images/. These files can be created for example with the website RealFaviconGenerator.

Example-files from Download Zip


If you add a ThemeColor (specified as hex-color) in the settings some browsers color the tab of your website to this color.

*Source: Google Developers


You want to specify a different name for the browser tab, favorites or app link (mobile)? You can specify a additional name in the settings.

Furthermore you can find a link in the settings to visit a preview page. With the preview page you can check all your settings and that all files exist.


  • WoltLab Community Framework 2.0
  • WoltLab Community Framework 2.1
  • WoltLab Suite Core 3.0

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