The color blue has alwas been a psychologically calming effect. The Style UnderwaterAnimated shall relax and calm the visitors of a website. The soft colors and the few contrasts assist that. The animated background let you escape from boredom and gives the design a sparkling shine.

The main menu has been reduced to a buttom and is also mobile aviable in the upper left corner. That give more space for the background. Once the button is activated the main menu opens. The search bar ist also reduced and open by using.

In addition the main menu, the userpanel and the searchbar is fixed on the top. Thus you always have access to the main menu as well as to the notifications.

The notification-icons are also animated. Thereby the user will be immediately informed of notifications.

The upper navigations-icons are separated and also displayed next to the website logo in the mobile view.

In short, with this design you can sit back, relax and concentrate on the content.

Optimized for mobile devices
The style automatically adapts to the different devices.
Template modifications
Away from the standard. With template modifications you get more individuality.
Fixed navigation
With the fixed navigation, you can navigate quickly and at any time through the website.
Fixed Userpanel
With the fixed userpanel you'll always have all the notifications in the view.
Animated Background
A little bit variety? With the animated background you escape from boredom.
Animated notification
You will be notified by an animation on new notifications.


  • WoltLab Community Framework 2.1

Published Versions

  • UnderwaterAnimated 1.0.0 (Dec 9th 2015)
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