(WSC5.4) MediaProvider Collection 5.4.0

License Agreement

Please note: Only the German license terms are legally binding. The English translation is solely intended for your convenience and general information.

License terms for non-commercial products

§ 1 Rights of Use

(1) The transfer of the software product completely or in parts is not permitted.

(2) The offer for download the software product completely or in parts is not permitted.

(3) The software product including graphics and code, may be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes only as „required“ (package.xml ).

(4) The software product is and will remain the intellectual property/ownership of Destinaja.

(5) The software product can be modify for private purposes.

§ 2 Support, Liability, Warranty and Guarantee

(1) The software product is offered without the right of warranty and guarantee. All activities of Destinaja are voluntary.

(2) The customer has the opportunity to report wishes, suggestions and errors in the support area of the forum.

(3) Destinaja points out that it is not possible to provide software products which are works perfectly in all applications and combinations. For this reason the use of software products is at your own risk.

(4) No responsibility will be taken for any damage which are related to the free plugins and styles.

§ 3 Updates

Destinaja will provide software updates depending on feedback in the support area at irregular intervals.

§ 4 Branding/Copyright

(1) The Copyright, if exist, must not removed, modified or make invisible.

(2) Only by a (paid) branding-free license for the purchased software product (license), the customer acquires the right to remove the copyright.

(3) The copyright may only be removed with the from Destinaja defined method.

§ 5 Severability Clause

If any of these terms and provisions be or become invalid, all other terms and provisions shall not be affected.


License Agreement